Run Task

The Run Task specifies a Run Profile for a selected Management Agent and starts it – the Task will pause until the Run Profile completes

Task Mandatory? Usage
MAName Y This is name of the Management Agent to be accessed by RunJob
Profile Y This is the Run Profile (for the specified MA) to be executed by the Task
Label N An optional label for this step
Action N An Action to be carried out in the event of this step failing(Action is only executed if the step fails)
Flag From Action The Flag to be set or unset if the Action requires it
Text From Action The text to be written to the console if the Action requires it

Example 1 – Simple Run Profile Execution

<step task="run" maname="HR" profile="full import"/>

Example 2 – Execute a Run Profile, abort on error

<step task="run" maname="HR" profile="delta sync" action="abort"/>

Example 3 – Execute a Run Profile and report error to the console

<step task="run" maname="AD" profile="export" action="echo" text="Error(s) encountered while exporting to AD - please check run history for details"/>

Example 4 – Execute a Run Profile and jump to a new section of the test of error

<step task="run" maname="AD" profile="delta import" action="RecoverFromError"/>

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