Constructing a Task File

A task file is a simple XML document, containing the definition of the task and the steps to be executed.

<?xmlversion="1.0"encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Task name="Run full cycle">	
  <step task="run" maname="HR" profile="full import"/>
  <step task="run" maname="HR" profile="delta sync"/>
  <step task="run" maname="MySampleCo AD" profile="export"/>
  <step task="run" maname="MySampleCo AD" profile="delta import"/>
  <step task="run" maname="MySampleCo AD" profile="delta sync"/>

For example, the task file above (Run full cycle) performs an import and synchronisation Run Profile on the HR system, before exporting any changes to AD and carrying out a confirming import – the key elements being the<Task> Node which encapsulates the activity to be carried out, and the individual<Step> nodes contained within it that hold the functional steps to be carried out.

In addition to the basic steps contained in the example task, there are additional steps available for performing tests, executing additional commands and controlling the flow of the task – these steps are defined in the “Task File Elements” section below.

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